Greetings! An-nyung-ha-se-yo! This is the web page for the marriage of Ben Haller and Keewon Kang.

Since both the California and the Korea ceremony are done, this page is now mostly a repository for photos. The California wedding was June 15th 2002, and a web page for it can be found here. The Korea wedding was October 12th 2002; no web page for made for it.

Tony Coluzzi is the professional photographer who was hired for the California wedding; the other photos were taken by guests. Thanks to everybody for their wonderful pictures! If there is anything you'd like to see up here that isn't, please let us know. We do not yet have the photographs taken by the professional photographers in Korea.


The vows we used.
Photos by Tony Coluzzi (infrared) (34 total).
Photos by Tony Coluzzi (black & white) (80 total).
Photos by Helen Haller (68 total).
Photos by Jaime Vargas (10 total).
Photos by Christina Abuelo (12 total).
Photos by Agnes Kwon (45 total).
Photos by Saul Chaikin (7 total).


Photos by Ben Haller (72 total).
Photos by Helen Haller (145 total).
Photos by Tim Richards (30 total).
Photos by Sunny Kang (6 total).

This page last revised 31 October 2002. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!