Privacy Policy

This web page documents the privacy policy we follow at Stick Software. It applies to all of our software products. This policy may be amended in future, to reflect new developments; that said, we have no expectation of any such revision, and all of the statements below have been true for Stick Software's entire decades-long history.

Information collected

We collect only information that you send to us, through correspondence with us (email, snail mail, etc.), through paying for one of our products (payment information from PayPal, check, etc.), or similar avenues. Our apps do not gather information from your machine or from you, nor do they send any such information back to us. The only communication our apps have with us is: (1) opening/downloading web pages or web-based documents that reside on our servers, such as manuals, app home pages, etc., (2) downloading version number information, via HTTP, to check whether an app is up to date, and (3) any information that Apple might transmit, such as crash logs, version information, or information related to the functioning of the App Store.

Information kept

We keep only information that is related to our support relationship with our users: payment information, customer names and email addresses, and past support correspondence. We do not process credit cards ourselves, and thus we do not receive or retain credit card information. None of our apps uses a password for any purpose, and thus we do not collect or store password information of any kind. We have no highly sensitive information, such as social security numbers or bank account information, for any customer. Our servers may incidentally retain information received during communication with you or your machine, such as IP addresses; if such information is on our servers, rest assured we never look at it or use it.

Information shared

We do not share or sell any customer information with any third party, period. However, any information that you provide to a third party — a payment processor, Apple, internet email servers, etc. — is outside of our control, and would be subject to the privacy policy of that third party.

Privacy choices

We will be happy to delete our records of past correspondence with you if you wish; of course then we will no longer remember what we might have corresponded about in the past. Similarly, we will be happy to delete all information associated with your past payments to us, but of course we will then have no records that you have paid us, and will be unable to verify that you have paid for a product. If you wish to correspond about these or any other privacy-related issues, please send an email to our support email address.