Localizer Hall of Fame

This is where we at Stick Software pay tribute to the localizers who have worked hard (for no pay) to make Stick Software products more accessible to users around the world. One of the things that makes the Mac a great machine is its international support, and we're proud to be a part of that. We couldn't have done it without the help of all these contributors, though.

Some localizers have provided their e-mail addresses or a web site link; feel free to contact them. Those who did not provide an address prefer not to be contacted regarding their localization work. Please respect that.

The flags shown indicate the language the localizer worked on, not necessarily their country of birth or citizenship. The stars () indicate that that localizer worked on the latest version of the product in question (in other words, if you download that product, you can see that localizer's work).

  Language   Name or nom de plume   Products
Brazilian Portuguese   Rainer Brockerhoff   Constrictor
Chinese   David Ong   Eyeballs
Czech   Ondra Čada   Constrictor
Danish   Mark's Studio   Constrictor, BigFoot, Eyeballs
Dutch   Han Keuper   Eyeballs, BigFoot, Trisection
Finnish   Atso Puronen   Eyeballs
French   Thomas Deniau   Eyeballs, Trisection
French   Jean-Jacques Cortes   BigFoot
French   Chantal Erie & Fabien Roy   Constrictor
French   Stéphane   Constrictor
German   Armin Briegel   Constrictor, BigFoot, Eyeballs
German   Dirk Olbertz   Constrictor
Italian   Tommaso Passi   Constrictor, Eyeballs
Japanese   E-WA   Constrictor, BigFoot, Eyeballs, Measles
Norwegian   Anders Totland   Constrictor
Portuguese   Afonso Salcedo   Constrictor, BigFoot, Eyeballs
Russian   Ezra J. Dillon   BigFoot, Eyeballs
Spanish   Esteban Uribe   BigFoot, Eyeballs, Issa
Spanish   Oscar Morales   Constrictor
Swedish   Harald Ellmann   BigFoot

If you'd like to join our localization team, you can read more about that here. However, we are only localizing to Japanese now, as localization has proved to be too much work in general. If you are interested in localizing to Japanese, we would like to hear from you; to localizers for other languages, we say "thank you, but we just can't".