Ephemera 1.0 : A screensaver photo gallery

(No payment links — Ephemera is freeware)

NOTE: Ephemera has not been updated in several years, and may or may not work on recent versions of OS X.

Ephemera is a "slide show" screensaver containing more than 60 photographs. The photos are landscape and nature art photography, and are all in color. They were taken by Ben Haller, and are among many other photographs available at his website, Cloud Photographic.

A few example images:



Ephemera is freeware, and may be freely distributed (in unmodified form). It is intended as a promotion for Stick Software and Cloud Photographic. Please check out the many things our websites have to offer, and support the Mac shareware community by paying your registration fees.

The icon for Ephemera was created by ppdix.