Eyeballs 3.4 released by Stick Software

Fun desktop companion is now updated for macOS 10.15!

Ithaca, New York, 22 May 2020 — Stick Software announced version 3.4 of Eyeballs, the popular "desktop critter" for macOS. Eyeballs is a fun little app that gives you a set of eyeballs in your menu bar or on your desktop. The eyes watch your cursor move around as you work, and you can configure their appearance and behavior in lots of different ways. They are even skinnable!

With version 3.4, Eyeballs is compatible with macOS 10.13 through 10.15. It now supports Retina high-resolution displays, and plays nicely with Exposé and Spaces.

Eyeballs, along with such Stick Software products as Fracture, Constrictor, and PhotoReviewer, makes macOS more fun and more aesthetic. It is shareware, with a price of only $10, and it's free to try.

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