Constrictor 3.1 released by Stick Software

Easy, flexible screenshots for Snow Leopard

Montréal, Québec, 12 October 2009 — Stick Software announced version 3.1 of Constrictor, a shareware utility for Mac OS X. Constrictor helps you take screenshots, using a positionable frame to grab the right area every time. Snapshots can be scaled, framed and feathered by Constrictor, to save you from having to post-process your shots manually. And they can be saved in five different file formats, copied to the clipboard, or even, using Constrictor's AppleScript support, e-mailed!

With version 1.5, Constrictor is OS X 10.6 compatible and Universal, so it will now run natively on all Macs running OS X 10.4 and up. Users on OS X 10.3 and earlier should continue using Constrictor 2.3. Upgrading is free for registered Constrictor users.

Constrictor joins Stick Software products such as PhotoReviewer, Eyeballs, Fracture, Aquatint and Jiggler. It is shareware, with a price of only $10, and it's free to try.

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