Jiggler 1.4 released by Stick Software

Freeware app for Mac OS X keeps your computer awake for important tasks

Montréal, Québec, 28 September 2009 — Stick Software announced version 1.4 of Jiggler, a freeware utility for Mac OS X. Jiggler keeps your Mac awake through those lengthy tasks when it would rather fall asleep, by jiggling your mouse periodically. No more having to open System Preferences to change your sleep time and your screensaver delay, only to have to change them back again at the end. Just jiggle!

With version 1.4, Jiggler is now compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). It is also Universal, so it will run natively on both Intel and PowerPC.

Jiggler joins Stick Software products such as PhotoReviewer, Eyeballs, Trisection, Fracture, BigFoot, Measles, Aquatint and Constrictor. It is freeware; if you like it, please check out our shareware products, and pay for the shareware you use.

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