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Issa Word Lists


Issa supports user-created word lists. If you're interested in sports, we've got a word list for you. Star Trek? Yep. Classic movie stars? It's all here. Or if it's not, you can make your own, with the directions in Issa's online manual.

To download these word lists, you should control-click on a link below to get a menu that will allow you to download the file to your disk, rather than viewing the file in your web browser (which might be your browser's default behavior). Once the word list is on your machine, you should be able to simply double-click it to import it into Issa (assuming you have already downloaded and installed Issa); if that doesn't work, try using Issa's "Import Word List" command. Once it has been imported, you can use Issa's "Set Word List" and "Merge Word List" commands to use it as part of your poetry vocabulary.

By Stick Software

These wordlists were created by Stick Software.

celebrities.wordlistVarious celebrities currently famous in America, alive and dead
politics.wordlistPolitical terms and figures from around the world
potter.wordlistVocabulary from the Harry Potter books
science.wordlistScientific terms and famous scientists
trekkies.wordlistCharacters and terms from the Star Trek science fiction series

By Issa users

We are no longer accepting submissions of wordlists, since Issa is no longer one of our products; but here are a few wordlists we got from users in the past.

100.wordlistThe 100 most frequent words in English
200.wordlistThe next 100 (101-200) most frequent words
300.wordlistThe next 100 (201-300) most frequent words